Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! To celebrate, here are some Easter pictures.

Anyone sick of looking at St. Patrick's Day pictures yet? I am! About a month ago, shortly after Easter, I uploaded a bunch of Easter pictures to this blog. And there they sat, in my draft folder, with no attempt by me to give the pictures context, share anecdotes of the events depicted, nada. So I was just about to declare blog post chapter 7 and get a fresh start with a new post, but then I decided, heck, I'll just post the pictures. Who needs cohesion, or a theme?

We spent Easter in Athens with David's parents and grandmother. Here's Caroline on Easter morning, hunting eggs at Grandmini's house. She doesn't give a damn about the eggs, she just likes carrying the bucket.

Jacob and Elizabeth, on the other hand, DO care about the eggs.

Jacob is distressed that Caroline has so few eggs and doesn't seem to care. He is giving her a motivational speech, a pep talk of sorts. He's not angry, he's just pointing (Jenny T, are you out there? I know you, I know you!)

Acting goofy.

Dressed up after Easter brunch, itching to get out of these clothes.

Caroline was SO not interested in standing with her brother and sister for pictures. Nor was she interested in smiling.

Jacob and Elizabeth, on the other hand, were strangely agreeable about the whole picture business.

Back to the morning Easter egg hunt. Grandmini, Grammy and Caroline, going back in to pick up that bucket.

Easter bunny came (we're working backwards here, apparently). Chocolate galore.

Caroline helped herself.

The day before - Easter egg hunt at the club. Jacob's bucket was overflowing with eggs. At one point, he walked over to a family and waited as they finished up their conversation. I did not know what they were talking about or why Jacob was standing there. As I started to walk over, I heard him offer his eggs to their little boy, who was upset that he didn't get enough eggs. Proud moment for mama.

And here is my boy a couple of days earlier, at our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt, pre-haircut. (Big thanks to Mr. Clay, who actually gave the boy the first decent haircut he's EVER gotten!)

Elizabeth, once again taking the whole egg hunting business seriously.

Caroline, once again mystifying her siblings by not caring about egg quantity.

A rare picture of all three children standing together looking sorta happy.

Happy Elizabeth.

Poker face Caroline.

See you a month after the next major holiday!