Monday, September 8, 2008

Except she doesn't shed . . .

Have you ever noticed that having a mobile baby/toddler is a little bit like having a family dog? If we happen to leave food out and turn our backs, Caroline will find it. If I don't get to the broom fast enough after she eats, she'll start scavenging off the floor:

Saturday morning was chaotic around here. Jacob had been sent home sick from school on Friday; he was running a fever and really feeling miserable. As usual, the timing could not have been worse -- on Friday, he had to miss a field trip to the Pet Supermarket to help pick out the class hamster, and on Saturday, he had to miss the Cub Scouts organizational get together at the park and his good friend Ben's birthday party at the zoo. When he was still running a fever on Saturday morning, we decided to take him to the doctor. The division of labor: David would take him to the doctor, and I would take the girls to the Cub Scouts meeting to gather all of the needed information. Incidentally, I was sure that David had gotten the worst of the jobs in taking Jacob, who is not the world's best patient, to get a throat culture. But no, taking Elizabeth and Caroline to the Cub Scouts organizational meeting had to have been much, much worse. Anyway, I was running around trying to get the diaper bag packed and everyone dressed, and I turned around and saw that Caroline had somehow managed to get into Jacob's soggy, uneaten bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats:

Somehow I don't think that "sweetened oat clusters" are on her approved food list, not to mention sweetened oat clusters that came from a bowl that theoretically had been eaten from by a streppy boy (although I doubt he ate a thing).

I forget when it is that they lose all of this new-eater enthusiasm and begin subsisting on nothing but air and Flinstones? Around age two, maybe? But for now, anyway, we're enjoying the fact that Caroline will knock you over to get to those leftover grilled cheese crusts.

And Jacob? He's feeling incredible again, and is back to saving the world:

We were happy to find out it was strep, because we've seen how lightning fast the drugs will knock that out. Strep is much higher on the Moore Family Preferred Germ List than, say, the dreaded "fever virus," which tends to drag on and on, and always makes us worry that it's really something else. So for the time being, anyway, we're all good as new around here!


Caden and Carter's Mom said...

"preferred germ list"... I love it! I will have to remember that mindset when cold/flu season rolls around!

Glad everyone is back to good health!


n.o.e said...

I thought I'd visit you on your 'other' blog!

We too had our preferred germs, and that positive strep test always brought a sigh of relief (is the medicine still pink and bubble-gum-flavored?) It wore a little thin one year when strep sort of settled in on a chronic basis. And I became allergic to antibiotics (and much more afraid for myself). After that, a run-of-the-mill virus seemed suddenly more alluring.

And not only does the baby not shed, you can't put her in the crate and run to the grocery store... She's beautiful, btw.