Saturday, July 3, 2010

Alex goes swimming!!

Today Alex went swimming for the first time, and we were lucky enough to be there to witness it. In keeping with his dream baby nature, Alex overcame a little bout of tummy trouble earlier in the day to thoroughly enjoy the pool and completely charm us with his splashing, giggling and kiddie floating.

Here are a few of Alex with his awesome mom and dad:

We have traveled many, many times with our infants and small children. For every day away, three days of planning and packing is required. There is frequently vomit involved. The child who has slept through the night for 18 months will decide to take advantage of the close sleeping quarters to start screaming in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Good sleep habits are undone and everybody returns exhausted (but hopefully happy!). When you have small kids, it is SO much easier to stay home. The only reason that any sane person would sign on to embark on a trip with a little is because they really, really love the people at the destination. Thank you for making this trip, Diane and Sal. We love you!

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