Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jacob's first day of school

Jacob starts third grade today!! He was really disappointed that summer was ending, as he declared it to be "the best summer ever!," but he seemed to come around a bit after meeting his teacher yesterday. He was really excited to come home and get his desk ready, organize his bookcase and sharpen his pencils. And he went well beyond the call of duty when he completed his first homework assignment last night -- he was supposed to write down all the states he visited this summer, but he went ahead and wrote an essay about what he did in each state, and then asked if we could print out a picture of him in each state for him to glue to his essay. I was thrilled that he seemed so enthusiastic about his homework (although the enthusiasm may really more about what he did this summer, hmmmmm . . .)

Here he is, ready for the first day!

Elizabeth starts kindergarten tomorrow - stay tuned!

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Mom to 3 C's said...

Have a great year in 3rd grade, Jacob! (And perhaps you could send a few pointers about homework enthusiasm to my soon-to-be first grader. I forsee many battles in the next 10 months!)