Thursday, June 13, 2013

Laid back summer days

I've definitely suffered the stress of wondering if I was going to run out of gas many times before, but never two days in a row. That's because typically if the gas light goes on, I do what most normal people do and get myself to a gas station pronto, and then, after a silent moment of gratitude for making it to the gas station, I fill up my tank. But yesterday my gas light went on as I was rushing home with the girls from swim lessons to make our appointment with the dog trainer. So I didn't stop for gas because I didn't want to be late for the dog training appointment. And then after that was over, I had to take Elizabeth to soccer practice, and we were again running a little late, so I pulled into a gas station and put like $4.00 worth of gas in the tank -- just enough gas to get her to practice, but not enough to make a meaningful change to my low gas situation. And then I forgot that I was still low on gas (since the $4 was enough to turn the light off for like 5 minutes) so the VERY NEXT DAY, I found myself in the exact situation of being almost out of gas when we were leaving swim lessons. This time, I was rushing to get Elizabeth to piano lessons on time, so once again I gambled and didn't stop for gas. Both things (the prospect of running out of gas and the prospect of being late) stress me out big time so it was a tough call, but I figured that since I HAD put $4.00 in yesterday, I probably had enough gas to get her to piano (I am not a car person at all, and I hope that I can drive my 7 year old minivan for another 7 years, but when I do get a new car, my one must-have feature will be a gas gauge that tells me exactly how many miles I have left to drive until empty. That would be so much more helpful than the gas light, which could mean I have 40 miles and could mean that I have 1/4th of a mile left. Oh, the camera that shows you what you are about to hit when backing up would be helpful too.)

Anyway, after I dropped Elizabeth at piano I pulled into a gas station with Caroline and gave my car a proper fill up. And we don't have any appointments after swim lessons today. I think I'll roll down my windows, crank up the Daft Punk and thoroughly enjoy the anxiety-free ride home from swim lessons!

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