Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dance recital

Hello, hello, is this thing on? Mom wants to see some pictures of the girls' dance recital, and somehow in 2014 emailing is still the most difficult way to share photos (at least larger, non-phone photos). And I'm pretty sure that my mom doesn't have (and would have no idea how to obtain) a dropbox account. So, it was Facebook or the blog, and I chose the blog! I was looking at old blog posts recently and realized that I am SO happy that I've done the posts that I've done. Our family photos are not organized (who's surprised?) -- we have random boxes full of photos from around 2005 and earlier; by Caroline we were totally digital, so we have various hard drives, discs, and computers full of photos that have never been culled or organized. But darn it, at least we've got some blog posts to remember some of our family shenanigans over the years. I've never been successful with scrapbooking, but blogging has some similarities to scrapbooking in that it typically contains both photos and journaling (but no ric rac borders). I did not decide to stop blogging; I just got out of the habit of doing it (I've also been out of the habit of taking photos, and the two are kind of linked.) Also, it's gotten a little harder to blog as the kids get older, because I don't want to embarrass them. And the stories that I find funny now might embarrass them, at an age when being embarrassed is kind of traumatizing. So it's a little more difficult. But I want to do it on occasion, as it is still (for me) the best way to remember what's going on with our family.

Anyway, the girls had their dance recital yesterday. Caroline took ballet, and Elizabeth took a hip hop class. That is why Caroline looks like a little garden fairy and Elizabeth looks like a refugee from a Stacey Q video circa 1986. I'm encouraging her to wear the costume for Halloween this year. BELIEVE ME, it was not the craziest costume at the recital. But both were adorable and did a great job with their dances! So anyway, here are the photos, mom:

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