Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'd like some sprinkles with my sprinkles, please

You may recall that I have a freakish love for make-your-own-ice-cream-sundae parties. That means that we are loaded up with toppings in our house -- toppings in the fridge, toppings in the pantry, toppings, toppings everywhere! One recent morning was particularly chaotic around here. Elizabeth had a class trip to the fire station, and I felt like I was running around all morning trying to find her school t-shirt, find pants she could wear with the t-shirt, get myself ready, get everybody else ready. It was sort of like our usual morning on steroids. Well, I finally got Elizabeth ready and went to get myself dressed, and when I came back into the den, I saw this:

Oh yes, you are seeing that correctly. That would be Elizabeth chugging sprinkles straight out of the jar. I think I screamed and said "ELIZABETH!!!!! We DO NOT eat sprinkles straight from the jar!!" (Query: do you think I undercut the seriousness of my "no sprinkles" message by stopping to snap a picture before delivering the message? Just askin'.)

Well, apparently the answer to that would be an affirmative, because later that day, after we had arrived home from dance class and I was again back changing my clothes (I swear that this whole working part-time thing causes me to change clothes more times a day than Marilyn McCoo), I came back and saw that Elizabeth had once again gotten into the sprinkles.

Apparently she had focused on the "straight from the jar" portion of my earlier message, rather than the "we do not eat sprinkles" part, because as you can see, she poured the sprinkles into a bowl this time.

Really Elizabeth? Straight-up sprinkles? That just can't be good. At all. This whole experience further supports my theory that while children ARE little human beings, they really just aren't like the rest of us. The sprinkles (what's left of them, anyway) are now on a high shelf in the pantry.


Lady Baker said...

Hey, if you ask me, she's onto something time I have a bad day, I'm going to go home and eat sprinkles..because, really, how can you frown when sprinkles are involved?? You can't...look at that sugar high of a face--she's in bliss I tell you.

I like what you're sellin' there, Elizabeth, and I want in!

Move over, and pass the sprinkles!

Andrea said...

Too funny! We have a whole top shelf dedicated to sprinkles so we won't have that problem, but I have left a jar out, and seen my two and three year old in similar situations as Miss Elizabeth. I love that she had a sprinkle snack twice in one day. Have you heard of fairy bread? If not, google image it, it's an Australian treat of bread with butter and sprinkles, commonly served at birthday parties. Make it into an at home geography lesson about the land down under :) I'm sure Elizabeth will be thrilled!

Caden and Carter's Mom said...

Isn't is obvious? She heard the song "I Eat the Colors of the Rainbow" and figured this was the most efficient way to accomplish that task!

Carolina Belle said...

Bwa!!! Well, you can tell that she did LISTEN to your first directive, since she got the bowl. A girl's got to have her sprinkles (and by the way, I hear you on the changing clothes all the time thing).

adipietra said...

This is hilarious! But I must say I'm impressed the 2nd time around she poured herself a bowl. I'm still trying to get Nick to use our new plates and not eat sprinkles out of the jar!