Sunday, February 28, 2010

Elizabeth's first soccer game

Elizabeth had her first soccer game today. This is her second season playing in the under 6 league. I was all set to not sign her up this season in an effort to free up our weekend schedule, but no dice -- she loves it. Seeing as there are 4 and 5 year olds playing in this league, it's all about learning the game and having fun. They don't keep score. Although Elizabeth's team lost today, 13-2 in fact, which I know because JACOB was keeping score, and he kept getting more and more exasperated at the team's, um, developing skills. I kept telling him that nobody cares who wins, and he needed to cheer the team on and be encouraging. At which point he yelled, "Rollins! Don't just run, KICK the ball!!!" That was corrected immediately -- threats may or may not have been issued. Apparently if you are a competitive perfectionist, you don't need to be watching the U6 games.

Here are Elizabeth and Caroline at home before the game:

As an aside, Caroline seems to feel physically uncomfortable if there is not tulle somewhere on her person. She might be in a completely foul mood, but as soon as she puts on the bumblebee tutu, she's happy as a lark.

Here's the pack, walking back into position after the other team scored one of their 13 goals:

Elizabeth chasing the pack:

Since this is the U6 league, you will generally find the ball, and then eight kids all within 5 feet of the ball. Elizabeth, however, is generally happy to stay about 5.5 feet from the ball -- close enough to convince most spectators that she is really interested in getting the ball, but not close enough to convince her mother. Nope, Elizabeth really couldn't care less about the ball -- she just loves the pigtails and the pink shin guards and the Gatorade and running through the tunnel of parents after the game. Who can argue with her? All in all, this is a pretty fun way to spend an hour on a sunny almost-spring afternooon.


Gary said...

Wow. Check out the jersey. Is she playing on a U6 team or Manchester United? A crest and a sponsor. Pretty fancy.

Mom to 3 C's said...

How cute! And I can totally understand Elizabeth. I never wanted any part of any ball my parents signed me up for... softball, soccer, tennis. I was only in it for the sodas the coach gave out after the game. My parents finally got the message and enrolled me in dance lessons!
We, too, are about to enter the world of kiddie sports... t-ball starts next month!


Rhonda Moon said...

Oh, I love to watch my kids plays sports. Nothing makes a parent more happy.

Kayte said...

Go Elizabeth! And, who doesn't need a cheerleader on the sidelines in tulle and a sideline coach ready to take on the responsibility of directing?