Monday, February 8, 2010

Hide and Go Don't Seek

Earlier tonight, I sat down on the sofa, put my feet up, grabbed a blanket, and got comfortable, thoroughly enjoying the few minutes I figured I'd have while the kids and David played hide and go seek. Unfortunately, it took only seconds to realize that this was going to be the lamest game of hide and go seek ever. Basically, the kids make David go hide. And then they (without making the first effort to look for him) ask me if I've seen him. Then they kind of stand in front of me and shift back and forth on their feet. Then they walk to the threshold of the next room, taking care not to actually cross said threshold, and kind of stick their heads in to see if they can see David. But they never actually go so far as to look for him. Why? Because in Elizabeth's words, they are afraid he is going to "lash out" at them. What she means is that they are afraid that he is going to pop out of his hiding place, yell "boo!," and scare them. Which has happened before, many times. Unfortunately, what this means is that the game basically turns into "hide and then hover timidly around mom," which is not fun for anybody. I finally told the kids that they can't make Daddy go hide and then not look for him -- that's, er, a breach of hide and go seek etiquette or something. They either need to look for him, or tell him to come out come out wherever he is. I tried to get some action shots of all this, but as you can imagine, there is really not a whole lot of action involved.


Lady Baker said...

I'm somewhat guilty of the same thing...but with siblings...we'd play hide and go seek outside, I'd get tired..or cold..or bored, and would go inside and not tell them...then they'd come in later wondering why no one came to 'seek' (something tells me they'd find me in front of the TV at this point)....And it must be a trait in all Dads that to come out and surprise any offspring seekers!

Kayte said...

LOL. Whatever it is that we imagine our kids are going to make of situation, I have found through the years, that usually I haven't a clue and end up constantly thinking, "Well, who knew that was going to happen???" Parenthood is one big educational learning curve. I hope they found him.