Friday, October 29, 2010

Mikey's big friday night

Mikey started out the weekend the same way we start out most weekends -- watching Jacob's soccer game:

The girls don't have a great attention span, so I usually end up having to take them to the playground at some point during the game, and tonight was no exception. Mikey is a natural on the monkey bars:

Another place where we spend a lot of time at soccer games is in the ladies' room, because the girls cannot seem to synchronize their bathroom needs, and each girl is adamant that she does not have to go when the other is going.

A typical exchange:

Caroline: I ha' go potty.
Mom: Okay, let's go. We need to walk there, you've got to hold it in until we get there. Okay? You can do it, you're a big girl! Come on Elizabeth, we need to go to the potty.
Elizabeth: I don't HAVE to go potty!
Mom: You need to come with us. Daddy is coaching and I can't leave you alone. You should try.
Elizabeth: I don't need to.
(in stall with Caroline and Elizabeth (and Mikey)
Mom: Okay Caroline, good girl. Now pull up your pants. All the way. There you go. Hang on one second and we'll wash hands. Elizabeth? Please try.
Elizabeth: No!
Caroline: The potty is too LOUD!!
Mom: Cover your ears. It won't be too loud. Cover those ears. See? That wasn't too loud!
Mom: Okay, let's go wash hands. Elizabeth, you too. Okay ready, let's make bubbles. Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles! No, that's not the hot water. It's cold, see? That was just one hand - rub BOTH hands together. Rub rub rub. Good! (reaching for paper towel)
Mom (lifting Elizabeth): Okay, just put your hands under the red light and it will come out itself. Okay, just once - let's not waste the paper. (getting paper for Caroline)
Caroline: I wan do it MYSELF!!!
Mom: (lifting Caroline)
Caroline: Noooooooo I do it MYSELF!
Mom: Caroline, you can do it yourself! I'm just lifting you so you could reach.
Mom: Okay, throw the paper towels away. Please don't touch the garbage can. Yucky.

[Eight minute walk back to field. Mom sits in chair. Elizabeth and Caroline run up and down hill three times, and then . . .]

Elizabeth: Mom? I need to go to the potty.

After the game we took Mikey to Jacob's end of the season party.

Then we came home and had a little birthday party. It was extra fun with Mikey around!

It was nearly 10 when the kids and Mikey finally crashed. And we are going to do it all over again tomorrow - is November yet?


Di said...

That's hilarious. The bathroom scenario, that is. I would bet I've had almost that exact conversation with B&G, more than once. G always complains about how loud the toilets are when they flush, and wants to do it all herself.

Mom to 3 C's said...

C'mon, admit it... you are enjoying photographing a subject that doesn't move once you pose him!

Happy birthday again... glad to see you got a cake, even if it wasn't a fabulous princess or light saber creation!