Monday, October 25, 2010

Notes to Dad

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, David is a very involved and present dad. But even though David spends a lot of time with the kids, they seem to need to tell him things when he's not here rather frequently, and when that happens (and I don't think it's something that merits disturbing him at work), they write him notes.

This one is from Elizabeth. She wrote some of it, and when she got tired, I took dictation for her:

The problem with a note is is that it doesn't really convey the level of whine with which it was written. Still, a note like this gives David a good general idea of how things were going while he was gone.

But notes aren't only used in this house to share the ways in which we've been wronged. No, we also write notes to David when we need help with our projects/hobbies. This one from Jacob is a nice example:

{Dad, I want to make a list of Olympians. What should I add for each na - god? - Roman name, name - Photo - God of - Children -,other?- symbol - spouse - tempale (sic)-}.

When David comes up the stairs, the kids will sometimes forget to say hello, and will simultaneously launch into the subject matter of their notes (and anything else that may have happened in the time since the notes were written) before he has the chance to take off his jacket. I always laugh when I read the Good Wife's Guide about minimizing noise and encouraging the children to be quiet when dad gets home so that dad could unwind in a peaceful haven. I'm not sure how the 50s housewife pulled that off without medication all around. Oh well, we are nothing if not exuberant, and I think David appreciates that even more than peace. Right? Right?

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Mom to 3 C's said...

Good stuff! These are the memories you will look back on in 20 years... when you do have those moments of peace! And the Good Wife... I don't think anyone but June Cleaver managed to pull that off!