Thursday, April 14, 2011

Project 365 - Day 100


I've had an iPhone for well over a year and I could not live without it. Of course, like all iPhones, it has a camera, but I really only use it when I forget my other camera, or when I never intended to bring my other camera but see a moment I'd like to photograph. I've always been completely underwhelmed by the quality of the photos. They are total "camera phone" photos with poor resolution. I've seen some great iPhone photos taken by friends, though. And more recently, I've seen some professional photographers post about how much fun they are having shooting with their iPhones (and have seen their amazing iPhone pictures). Now, apparently the camera was upgraded significantly between the iPhone 3 (which I currently have) and the iPhone 4 (which I will be upgrading to . . . today!) and that probably accounts for some of the mediocrity of my iPhone pics. But another thing I've completely failed to take advantage of are the various iPhone apps for processing iPhone photos -- there are a bunch of them, and they are fantastic -- you can take a peek at some wonderful photos taken with the Instagram app here.

One thing instagram does not have is a cropping feature -- and it's bugging the heck out of me that Caroline is straight-on centered in this photo. I know you know exactly what I'm talking about, Heather and Amanda !

The fact that this one is blurry is not the iPhone's fault. Somehow, I like it anyway!

Anyway, I had some fun playing with instagram yesterday while the girls were blowing bubbles. It can definitely take regular old photos and make them look kinda cool. I really can't wait to play with it (and other photo processing apps!) on my iPhone 4. I'd been kind of struggling with what to do about a camera when we go to Disney World -- I've been planning to take my regular camera, but haven't been sure about what lens/lenses to take. It would sure make things a lot easier if I could just bring my phone! I doubt I'll go that far, but after perusing the interwebs and seeing what can be done with the iPhone 4 camera, it sure it tempting!

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Amanda said...

These are awesome! And I like the centered one, too!! And, YAY for Day 100!!!