Thursday, July 14, 2011

Goo plus open shade

The kids are enjoying camp this week at the local children's science center. Jacob is in the third and fourth grade group, and his subject is "Build It, Make It, Take It," where, you guessed it, he builds, makes, and takes things. Elizabeth is in the kindergarten/first grade group, and her topic is "Slippey, Slimey and Weird Science," a.k.a. Goo Camp.

Every day she comes home with at least two new kinds of goo. She's made a lava lamp, a cup full o' some foam-like substance, homemade play-doh, and some brownish substance that she molded and shaped for 45 minutes before announcing that "this is edible, you know!" You can see some of her green goo from day 1 in the picture above. I took this one when I was experimenting shooting in "open shade" after reading some articles on it. I'd say I pretty much had an epic open shade fail, and this one is probably the best of the lot (in terms of catchlights and skin tone, if not composition, expression of subject and avoiding green goo in photos).

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