Monday, February 20, 2012

Common ground

David and I don't generally have the same taste in movies. For example, when The Help was playing in theaters I asked David if I should call Lisa {our babysitter} to see if she could come one night, and after looking at me inquisitively for a minute, he said "OH! You mean you want to see it with ME?" I told him that no, I hadn't been planning on hiring someone to come see a movie with me, so yes, my first thought was to see it with him. And of course he said that he would come if I really wanted to see it, but I spared him the misery and ended up watching it on my Kindle.

And then just last week my college housemates and I started planning a virtual viewing of The Bodyguard on Facebook in the wake of Whitney Houston's death -- this was a movie that we probably watched 100 times senior year; it must have been running on HBO or something, but it was just ALWAYS on. We loved that movie even as we made fun of it, and after the movie was over my friend Lisa would always sit in a chair (a la Whitney, belting it out in the snowy forest for no apparent reason) and do a spot-on cover of Whitney's "I Will Always Love You" -- ahh, good times.

{R.I.P. Whitney. I curse the day you got tangled up with that no-good Bobby Brown.} Anyway, I love The Bodyguard even though I know that it is by no means a "good" movie -- it's TOTALLY my kind of movie and I'm not ashamed to admit it. David has never seen it (!!!!), so I invited him to join us in the virtual viewing, you know, because I figured he'd bring a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective to the material -- but he declined, can you believe it? It's probably for the best because David would HATE that movie.

But the one genre we can agree on is the Anglophile Flick -- e.g., Gosford Park, The King's Speech, etc. -- basically if it takes place on an English country manor, the chances are excellent that we are both going to like it. And such is definitely the case with Downton Abbey. We're still a season behind, but we're trying to catch up at a two-episode per week pace, eagerly watching to see what the Dowager Countess will say next:

I'm kind of obsessed. I'm even staying up past 9 p.m. so I could watch!

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