Thursday, February 23, 2012


Jacob and I were riding in the car the other day and had the following conversation:

C: Nevermind, I'll find someone like yoooouuuuuu, I wish nothing but the best foooooorrrr yooouuuu . . .

J: Geez mom, what is with this listening to Adele over and over again? Did she die too?

C: No! I don't just listen to the music of people who die!

J: You know, Molly asked me today if my mom was listening to Whitney Houston over and over again, and I told her: ummmm, YES! Well, her mom is too. It's driving us both crazy.

C: Well, most of the moms of the kids in your class are going to be the age of people who were in middle school, high school and college when Whitney Houston was really popular, and that's an age when music has a big impact on you. So the moms are feeling nostalgic.

J: Do you think you'll stop soon?

C: Probably.

J: Good.

Now I admit that I can get kind of obsessive when it comes to music, but I try to have consideration for others -- I mean, why were the repeat button and headphones invented if not to allow obsessive music listeners to peacefully cohabitate with others? I guess they just need to deal with me on the car rides.

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