Thursday, June 14, 2012

I hear the ticking of the clock . . .

I checked Facebook as we were driving down to the beach, and noticed the status update of our friend who runs a popular 80s blog. Apparently she is getting ready to interview Ann & Nancy Wilson of Heart, so she was asking for ideas for interview questions. Her readers left some great ideas in the comments -- "How did you get your hair so big and awesome?," "Was it really nothing at all?," and, of course, "How do I get you alone?"

I looked at David:

C: Did you ever notice that with certain songs, it is almost physically painful to hear the song and not sing along, loudly? Alone by Heart is one of those songs.
D: Please try.
C: I'll try, but I make no promises.

I downloaded the song (it has its drawbacks, but one thing I LOVE about this Kindle/iPhone era that we live in is the instant "think of song. buy song." gratification) and proceeded to listen-to-but-not-sing it, which was excruciating. I made up for it the next time I was in my car . . . alone. Haha. Anyway, here it is -- go ahead: close the door, turn up the volume and belt away. You know you want to.

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