Friday, August 17, 2012

Pedicure party

The kids start school on Monday. Jacob was off playing with a friend on Friday afternoon, so I decided to make Caroline's dream come true and take the girls to get pedicures. I think I was of legal age to rent a car before I got my first pedicure, but apparently they are targeting the kids these days, as evidenced by the kid-sized pink princess pedi chairs at the salon:

I'm not a fan of pedicures myself; I view them as an occasional necessary evil, mainly because of the extreme tickling that is an inherent part of the experience. Apparently the girls have inherited my ticklishness (although they don't seem too troubled by it).

Elizabeth kept asking what they were doing, but there was a bit of a language barrier, so we just kept repeating "that will make your feet really soft!" Both girls liked the foot bath part the best (the water kept changing colors -- pink, blue, purple, etc. -- which is a huge added bonus for the under 10 set!)

I gave the girls carte blanche to pick their own colors, so of course the final result was . . . unique. Their feet will definitely illuminate in the dark. And they went with alternating toe colors, because, why not?

I'm so glad it was them and not me. :-)

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