Sunday, October 28, 2012


The kids were underwhelmed by my Halloween decorating efforts this year. I didn't really do anything differently than what I do every year (pumpkins and mums on the front porch; assorted decorative pumpkins inside), and that was definitely the problem. They are interested in a "ghoulish" vibe, not a "harvest" vibe. Their grandparents, who live close by, have a spectacular Halloween display, complete with spider webs, ghosts, orange lights, etc., and ours was definitely uber-lame in comparison. I knew that there was no way that I could compete with Grammy and Granddaddy, but I figured that the least I could do was to try to spook up our mantel a little bit.

I saw this pin on pinterest:

and really loved the bat tree. I figured that a project that involved putting sticks into a vessel of some sort was something that I could probably swing. I found some sticks in our yard, found some black spray paint in the garage, and spraypainted the sticks black. I wedged a piece of styrofoam into a black vase and stuck the sticks into the foam.

Now when it came time to decorate the tree, I almost ordered these from Amazon, but then I happened to find a pack of felt Halloween stickers at Target that contained pumpkins, cats, and these cute little owls:

I originally planned to use all of the embellishments on the tree, but then that killjoy Halloween minimalist in me ended up kind of liking how the pumpkins looked by themselves, so I left out the others. I threaded a loop onto the pumpkins and hung them onto the spooky tree.

I love my spooky tree. The kids think that it is "a good start."

I'm linking to the Pinterest Challenge over at Young House Love.


Kayte said...

I think it looks great. I think the kids can pretty much hang up the eerie spooky gruesome Halloween bit seeing as your little Happy Halloween sign takes center stage and is a big tip off. Good try, though,

Nancy/n.o.e said...

Pinterest is a wonderful way to step up our game. I love your pumpkin tree, but really, don't you think the owls NEED to be in the tree? They're birds, after all! I finally bought pumpkins today, so my front porch will have some spots of seasonal color when the neighborhood association party happens in my front yard.

Cathy said...

Kayte, you make an excellent point -- any house with a cheerful grinning jack o'lantern sign is likely to be woefully deficient in the skeleton/zombie decor department. Nancy, you know I didn't even think about the owl/tree connection! I may need to revisit this. :-)