Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sweetheart dance

Last night was the Girl Scouts' Annual Father Daughter Sweetheart Dance, and since David was out of town, my dad graciously agreed to escort Elizabeth. I made Elizabeth put on a wet(ish) cardigan so I could snap a photo before I lost the daylight:

{It wasn't really wet, just a tad damp, as it hadn't quite finished its time in the dryer yet, but it was still wet enough to cause the generational "she's going to catch pneumonia!!!" "no she's not -- I need this picture!!" argument with my mom.}

After we finished drying the sweater, Dad took Elizabeth to Nothing But Noodles. Elizabeth always wants to go to Nothing But Noodles but I never want to take her because it pains me to spend $6 on a plate of buttered noodles that I could make for 38 cents (that's sort of the problem with all restaurants, but it's somehow much worse with Nothing But Noodles). Dad said that she had the mac and cheese and then asked for a second plate of mac and cheese (he got it for her) so I guess she made the most of that precious Nothing But Noodles time.

They had a great time at the dance. Elizabeth told my dad ahead of time that the food at the dance was always outstanding, so I'm not sure what he was expecting, but he said later that the cookies and popcorn were really good. :-) He also said that he couldn't believe how wild these girls are -- they were all just running in random directions, and he was shocked that there weren't more collisions. Yes -- kids today are completely insane, especially when they get together in large groups and there is not a teacher present. I'm pretty sure that when I was a Girl Scout our parents would not have allowed that kind of behavior. But everyone is happy and healthy, so we embrace the craziness.

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