Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I am just an unfrozen caveman lawyer. Your strange new blogging world frightens and confuses me.

I found myself between projects at work today, so I decided to set up a blog! How fun is this? And there is lots of new and exciting news in the blue house!! First and foremost, Jacob lost his first tooth yesterday! Here he is, sans tooth:

Isn't he cute? According to Jacob, it has been loose since September 20, 2007, so we sure are glad that it has finally fallen out. After some frantic searching last night, David and Jacob found the cool pirate tooth fairy pillow that the Easter Bunny brought him: and deposited the tooth into the pillow. When he woke up this morning, we were all excited to see that the tooth fairy had come and left Jacob $1.00. Apparently it's a dollar per tooth from the TF whether you lose your teeth in 1978 or 2008. The tooth fairy does not try to keep up with the inflation rate.

In more fairy/teeth news, Caroline is working on about four new upper teeth, which is wreaking havoc on her sleep. Wait, no, that's not the teething, it is the fact that she is one of our children, and is therefore genetically predisposed to sleep poorly. Anyway, here is the best picture I could get of Caroline's new chompers: And incidentally, we had another fairy visit us on Friday night, the Two Fairy (a "two" is a pacifier, as named by Jacob when he was one.) Since I have no doubt that I have long been out of contention for the Mommy of the Year award anyway, so I will just go ahead and admit that Elizabeth, our 3.5 year old, still used a pacifier to go to sleep at night up until this past Friday. I know, I know, it was only a couple of YEARS past time to get rid of it, but time goes by quickly, and our kids don't sleep very well, so it was kind of easy to be lazy about this sort of thing. But the Two Fairy finally came on Friday while Elizabeth was sleeping, took the twos to give to some babies who really need them, and left her some My Little Pony/Littlest Pet Shop-type toys with tiny parts that must be kept away from Caroline. In any event, Elizabeth has done GREAT without her two, other than the fact that she is now taking approximately two hours to fall asleep at night. Here Elizabeth at her class luau last week:


MSB said...

I am feeling somewhat shocked and jolted, as I quickly found myself transported back to 1978 in Wolcott, CT... In said locale, the TF indeed did not leave $1.00 per tooth. The TF in Wolcott only left $0.25, which clearly means that I need to hunt said TF down and have a chat...

reccossu said...

Sometimes I worry that the brain fairy has been to our house. I am pretty sure she's visited at least once, but it is hard to work out who he hit. I think I am saying "pick up your dirty clothes," but maybe I am just drooling. It is a resonable conclusion based on the reaction I get anyway.