Tuesday, August 19, 2008

If loving Shout Color Catchers is wrong, I don't want to be right

We do approximately 10-14 loads of laundry per week. Laundry, therefore, is just part of the daily routine at the Blue House. But I don't hate laundry as much as you might think I do. And part of the reason for that is that I use Shout Color Catchers.

I am not a spokesperson for Shout Color Catchers. But I would be in a heartbeat. They could just pay me in Shout Color Catchers. I have been using these for close to two years now. I first discovered them when they were a relatively new product. What is it, something like 80% of new products introduced to the market fail? Once I realized how wonderful they are, I became panicked that they wouldn't catch on and would get pulled from the shelves. I started hording Shout Color Catchers like survivalists horde bottled water. I spread the word of their greatness to my friends. In fact, my good friend Wendy mentioned around this time that she didn't think that we'd had a conversation in almost a month in which I did not bring up Shout Color Catchers. I realized that this was probably true, and that I needed to get a hobby, but my enthusiasm for Shout Color Catchers just could not be contained.

What are Shout Color Catchers, you ask? Well, let me tell you about them. They are these little white sheets that resemble dryer sheets:

Throw one into your wash along along with your darks and whites. Yes, I said your darks and your whites. Feeling really brave? Throw in some reds and whites. Shout Color Catchers can handle it. Okay, now go ahead and set that baby on a warm cycle. That's right, warm. Now go do whatever it is you do while your laundry is running. Come back later, and you will find:

Red shirt still red!!
White shirt still white!!

Shout Color Catcher now red!!***

Amazing, right?? Shout Color Catchers catch the dye from the dark clothes and trap it, like a sponge, so that it doesn't settle on the light clothes. No need to sort your laundry anymore! Just throw it all in there together and let Shout Color Catchers do the work.

Now, you might be saying to yourself, "what is the big deal about sorting laundry? It is just not that hard to separate darks and whites." Well, that's true, but laundry, much like life, is not always black and white. For example, should Elizabeth's medium pink shirt go with the whites or the darks? If it's a new shirt and I put it with whites, I risk ending up with pink-ish white shirts. But if I put it in with darks, David's navy blue golf shirt might give the pink shirt a blue-ish tint. I used to spend valuable time worrying about such things, but not anymore! Now I just throw in a Shout Color Catcher and go worry about other things.

***Redness of Shout Color Catcher has been artificially enhanced for dramatic affect.

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