Saturday, February 5, 2011

Project 365 - Day 35

Second Project 365 pic taken with the assistance of my new tripod (thanks Santa!):

Caroline has had three real (i.e., in a salon) haircuts in her life, and all three times I've left the salon wondering if I accidentally said "whatever you do, do not, I repeat, DO NOT, make it look as though she's had a haircut." Despite my attempts to communicate "a few inches off" or "cute bob" or "just below the chin" or whatever, I always leave the salon with Caroline having just had a non-haircut. Of course, I know that I should have said something to the stylist while I was still there, but I guess I never quite realize that her hair looks exactly the same as when we walked in until we get home. Now, you should know that by the time I get around to taking Caroline for a haircut, she needs one -- really, really needs one. Such was the case today, when I decided that she could not go another day with her extra long locks, but I just couldn't bear the prospect of dragging her to the salon, consoling her through the ordeal (which it is for her), and then paying $17 for a non-haircut. So I decided to try my first DIY cut. I figured that I basically just needed to cut a straight-ish line around the bottom, and if I scalped her, I could then bring her in to the salon to get it straightened. I actually think the left side is about 1/2 longer than the right side, but it shouldn't be noticeable when it's up in a twisty or a bow (and if I kept trimming to get it even, she would have eventually been bald). It's an adorable length on her, and one that I could not seem to get a professional to cut. Anyway, I don't think I'll be cutting long layers or the Rachel any time soon, but I think this has given me enough courage to trim my own kids' hair every once in a while.

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Mom to 3 C's said...

Cutting hair and taking a photo at the same time... now that is talent!

Carrigan just had her first salon cut (trim, really) yesterday. I may do it myself as needed. How hard can it be?

I did cut the boys' hair once. All I can say is, it IS harder than it looks! They go to the salon every 5 weeks. Faithfully.