Saturday, February 12, 2011

Project 365 - Day 42

Elizabeth's homework for Monday was to construct a Valentines box to hold the Valentines she will receive on Valentines Day. The only instruction was to give it at least a 2" x 6" slit to fit cards and candy, but otherwise, to be creative. I was thinking we'd wrap in it Valentinesy paper (pink/white/red) and that she'd color it or glue paper doily hearts or cover it with stickers - you know, a Valentines box. Elizabeth, on the other hand, wanted to make it into a four-poster bed. She found 4 large sticks in the backyard (mini tree trunks, really) and started asking for help putting together a bed. I think I've noted that I'm not a craft person, and therefore would have no idea how to rig up a four-poster bed Valentines box, nor am I someone who enjoys tormenting kindergarten teachers by sending my kid into school with multiple large sticks. So I started suggesting alternatives. Unfortunately, anything resembling a traditional Valentines box held no appeal to her at all. She ultimately settled on a house. The front door opens to double as a Valentines slot; she decorated it and made puff ball bushes for the side of the house, and we rigged together a roof with cardstock. In the universe of houses, this would most closely resemble one made by the first little pig or the second little pig (i.e., it would be easily blown down by the Big Bad Wolf) and I'll be shocked if it survives Valentines Day in one piece, but boy, was she excited about it.

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