Thursday, May 3, 2012

controversy over the dancing queen's real age

{Confidential to blog readers who shall remain nameless, but who may have grandchildren who live in my house, who patiently check this blog every day in the hopes of seeing pictures of said grandchildren, but are instead forced to endure random musings about bacon, Glee, yoga, and caramelized onions: I promise that we will get the computer fixed by this weekend so that I can post some grandchildren photos.} But until then, more randomness!

A sure-fire bad mood buster in our house is Dancing Queen {I mean, isn't Dancing Queen everybody's bad mood buster?} Well, at least it was until yesterday. It was playing while we were cleaning up from dinner, and we were happily singing along:

Dancing Queen,
Young and sweet,
Only seventeen.
Dancing Queen
Feel the beat from
The tambourine (oh yeah!)

We continued on, you can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life, oo-oo-ooh, etc. etc. -- but when we got to the next verse, Jacob abruptly changed the words.

Dancing Queen!
Young and sweet,
Only fifty-three.

And then all hell broke loose. Elizabeth cracked up. I spit out my water. David shook his head and said "well, the average age of people who like Abba is fifty-three." And Caroline screamed: "SHE'S NOT FIFTY THREE!! SHE'S ONLY SEVENTEEN!!" and went running out of the room in tears. {She's an Abba purist -- I can respect that}.

Jacob and Elizabeth thought that Jacob's lyrics change was the height of hilarity and kept replaying the song so that they could continue singing the revised lyrics and guffawing. I laughed in spite of myself after getting the inevitable visual of an AARP dance-off, even though it wasn't nearly as funny as it might have been if I wasn't closer to fifty-three than I am seventeen myself (hey, why CAN'T a fifty-three year old be the Dancing Queen?) It took me a few minutes to compose myself enough to go find Caroline, who was hiding in a corner in the basement, and console her ("Don't worry honey, it's okay -- the Dancing Queen is only seventeen, Jacob was just being silly.")

I really hope we haven't forever lost this song in our house.


Marie said...

Would you believe that a bunch of 55 and over, many approaching 70 do this dance at the clubhouse every Wednesday night between 7 and 8 during our dance and stretch class!!! So you're never too old for dancing queen. -Mom (Grandma)

Cathy said...

Wow, blog comment and Dancing Queen? Go Mom!

Marie said...

It's easy when somebody is here to help us. We tried our first comment before Diane came home but it didn't work.

Cathy said...

Ah, now it makes sense. Because I was thinking that you'd need to create a blogger profile, which would require setting up a gmail account, proving you weren't a robot, etc. -- not that I didn't think you could handle it, but I could see you deciding early in that process that it just wasn't worth the trouble.