Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dance recital

Mom, good news. Just when I was about to sit down and dash off something about my sadness over the untimely passing of the Beastie Boys' MCA, maybe go on for one too many paragraphs about significant Beastie moments during my formative years or where I was the first time I heard Professor Booty, perhaps reminisce about how hilarious it was that year in law school when David and his friends went as the Sabotage video for Halloween:

Well I was thisclose to a beastiescentric post just like that (or maybe one about how they never have enough checkout lanes open at Publix during peak store hours), when we got our computer fixed (or most accurately, were told by the Geek Squad that it was never broken), and now I can post pictures of the grandchildren from last weekend's dance recital instead. Wooooooo!

The girls started at a new ballet school this year,and I've got to admit that it was not my favorite. It felt a little bit intense to me; not intense for the dancers -- the teachers were very sweet and loving and fun, and the girls loved them -- but for the moms, as the school has a long list of rules that I could just never seem to follow all at once. It started early, when I sent Elizabeth in the wrong color leotard. After that initial (and especially egregious) rules violation, I took turns violating (1) the no runs in the tights rule; (2) the no changing in the bathroom rule; (3) the no waiting for the dancers in the hallway rule; (4) the wear your hair up off your face rule; and (5) the no males in room N110 rule (well actually David violated that one, but I forgot to tell him about it and it is not exactly an intuitive rule -- and as David pointed out, it is one that is particularly difficult to comply with while simultaneously complying with the "no waiting in the hallway outside of Room N110" rule.

Anyway, despite my difficulty in keeping up with the regs, the girls loved ballet and want to take at the same school again next year. The recital's theme was "Noah's Ark," and Elizabeth was a tiger, which suits her personality perfectly:

And Caroline was a purple butterfly, which suits her personality perfectly.

Busting a move (or whatever the technical ballet term for that is):

Jacob (who patiently sat through approximately 5 hours worth of dress rehearsal and recital) with Caroline:


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