Monday, May 14, 2012

when mother's day and drug awareness week collide

There is just nothing I love more than the homemade cards and books that the kids make me for Mother's Day. I got the one above from Elizabeth, and as you can see the #1 thing that she loves about me is that I don't do drugs except medicine. Number 2 is that I help her in hard times. I love these kids.

I also got a giant stack of coupons:

offering some traditional services (extra hugs) and some family-specific ones (no complaining about yoga). {I haven't exercised during my children's waking hours in 9.5 years, so the sight of me walking out of the house in yoga garb on Saturday morning has been confusing and (fake) traumatic for them}.

Jacob made me a comic strip:

And we got a rare mom-with-kids photo!

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