Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project 365 - Day 15

Here is Elizabeth making a pot holder on her new weaving loom, one of the many fun crafts she received for her birthday. Seeing this pot holder kit brought the memories flooding back for me -- I LOVED weaving potholders when I was a kid and remember doing it for hours (I'm sure I actually only did it for three minutes and then started pestering my parents again, but I swear I remember doing it for hours!!) She caught onto it pretty quickly -- pretty soon she'll be weaving potholders together into placemats (it's what every pot holder weaver aspires to do -- trust me).

Before she went to bed tonight we made a mouse out of her new Bendaroos. She made me laugh when she said: "You like this craft, right mom? No glue, no stains, no mess!" I looked at the Bendaroos box, which sure enough proclaimed it to be a "no glue, no stains, no mess!" activity. Apparently I've done a poor job hiding my disdain for crafts from my children. I'll bake with them all day long, and we'll douse the whole kitchen with flour and buttermilk while we do it, and that doesn't bother me in the least -- but as soon as we break out the glitter glue and paint, I immediately feel my blood pressure start to rise. Watching Caroline mix the paint colors together. Wondering if that glitter paint really is washable (because invisible ink is actually visible on white fabric -- FYI). Seeing all the capless magic markers rolling off the table. Sweeping up the Moon Sand. It is just really not my thing. At all. And because my kids do crafts galore at school, you'd think they would not feel compelled to make a beeline to the neon finger paint as soon as they get home, but for some reason they are just not done creating. And because I love them, I try to roll with it, but boy, I sure was excited to see these various no glue, no stains, no mess activities added to our craft collection.


Di said...

Lol. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wants to avoid the mess. Playdough, for instance. Not obviously messy, except that little bits of it seem to end up everywhere. Forget paint. I can handle glue sticks, but not liquid glue.

B got a potholder loom last Christmas and loves it. I need to buy her more loops for it.

Mom to 3 C's said...

I had one of these as a kid too! It is nice to see in the age of DSi and iPods, etc. that kids are still doing this. (and, of course, learning to deal with the frustration that comes when your entire potholder pops off the loom when you get to the second to last row... I can't be the only one this happened to???)