Tuesday, May 17, 2011

little elephant dress (and I do mean little)

{Project 365 - Day 123}

The sole purpose of posting this random OOF (out of focus) shot of Caroline is to show off the insanely cute elephant dress that she wore to the zoo the other night when David's firm hosted an event there. We have had a lot of cute dresses around here over the years, but the elephants with the angel sleeves and the big ric rac around the bottom definitely cracks my personal top three. Sadly, even though the dress is a size 4 and Caroline is just 3, it's already a little short on her:

so if I want her to wear this through the summer (and oh, do I ever!) I am going to have to find some little bloomers or bike shorts or something to reduce the likelihood of accidental flashing while leaning over to talk to the giraffes.

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Pamela said...

Love that dress! My boys could never pull that look off. ;-)