Saturday, May 7, 2011

Daisy Scouts at work

{Project 365 - Day 115}

Elizabeth and I worked at the Scouts for Schools Drive, which is a joint effort of the local Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to collect school supplies for the school in Hackleburg, AL which was destroyed in the tornadoes. This is a K-12 school with approximately 900 students. The Scout leader in charge of the project was telling me that he asked the principal to send him a list of supplies that were needed, and the principal's response was "we literally have nothing left. Everything that you have in your schools, we need." That is pretty overwhelming to think about. One of the only buildings left standing in Hackleburg is a church, and that is were classes will be held for the rest of the school year. The logistics of getting supplies to the school are challenging in ways I didn't initially think about; for example, everything needs to be in a covered plastic storage bins because (1) there is really nowhere to store these bins when arrive, and (2) the items need to be protected from dust and debris.

In any case, it was very heartening to see the community response to this project. We were busy the whole time we were there, with the Boy Scouts emptying out huge boxes of school supplies from the cars, and the Daisies helping to sort the items by category. Of course, they are six year old girls, so they had to take a break or two in there to play some hand games.

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