Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Tributes

{Project 365, Day 113}

My Mom is spishel (special). I love her because she lets me get some cokies (cookies) when she said "no anything."

It's almost Mother's Day, and the kids have been bringing home the sweetest gifts and cards that they made for me in school. I learned long ago that the School Created Mother's Day Greeting presents a prime opportunity for your child to rat you out for all of your parenting weaknesses. Here, we see Elizabeth masterfully pointing out both my over-permissiveness ("she lets me get some cokies") and my draconian rule (she said "no anything.")

(This actually happened in the past couple of weeks when we were in the basement during a storm warning (who can remember which one?) -- the kids said they were staaaaarving, and I said that they couldn't go upstairs to get a snack because we were in the middle of a tornado warning ("no anything"). Somewhere in the middle of that, I apparently ran upstairs and grabbed some cookies.)

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