Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mmmmmm . . . bacon . . .

{Project 365 - Day 125}

It would be nice if after a four day hiatus I came back with something great, but instead, here is a picture of a freezer full of pork products. David and I just bought a quarter of a pig. We did it after a friend who had been buying meat this way raved about the whole deal as a way of getting a great value on quality, locally raised meat. The farmer told me that the pigs roam free the way pigs are supposed to, feed on a healthy, hormone free pig diet, etc. (he also told me which of the pigs I was selecting from were siblings, which is really more than I needed to know). Anyway, we've had some bacon and some pork chops so far and gave a big thumbs up to both. We're buying 1/8th of a cow next month -- I'm hoping I can buy it for one magic bean -- hahaha. In any case, we bought a deep freezer to house all of this bulk meat. That is a whole lot of excitement for one month!

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