Thursday, September 29, 2011

atypical Wednesday night

In a radical departure from my usual Wednesday night activities, I went to a concert last night.

A concert in a loud, smoky bar, no less. I saw one of the great 80s one hit wonder bands, Modern English. But oh, what a hit it was!

I mean, it just can't be disputed that I Melt With You is one of the top ten iconic 80s songs. Probably top 5, if we're really being honest here.

This adventure came about when a friend of mine, who runs the best 80s site ever, was looking for someone to go to the concert with her. Her husband was not into New Wave so much in the 80s (she tells a story about how after falling in love with him, marrying him and having his baby, she found a Richard Marx cassette of his in the garage -- I mean, you think you know a person) so he had no interest in going. But she didn't have to ask me twice! (As an aside, I wish I had an equally interesting for-work outing I could take her on to return the favor. Maybe a raging 341 meeting will pop up in the near future?).

When I told the kids I was going to a concert, they were surprised and curious.

Cathy: Guess what guys! I'm going to a concert tonight!
Jacob: A concert? What concert?
Cathy: Modern English.
Jacob: Are they famous?
Cathy: Well, they're kind of famous. They were really famous in the 80s.
Jacob: The 80s?!?! And they're still ALIVE?
Cathy: The 1980s! Not the 1880s.
Caroline: Mommy, are you going to be IN the concert?
Cathy: I sure hope not.

My friend interviewed Robbie Grey, the lead singer, before the concert. He was totally cool and down to earth (which was obvious during the concert as well). She asked him how it feels to be mostly known for one song, to which he responded: "It's (bleeping) great! It's paid my bills for 30 years." Love that refreshing honesty and the total absence of Serious Artist ego there.

This was the original band performing. The hair is generally less fabulous now but other than that they are at the top of their game. Most of them are pretty clean cut 50 year old guys -- you'd have no idea that they are actually British post-punk New Wave rockers! Look at this guy; he could be an actuary:

The one exception is Gary McDowell, the guitarist:

Yup, Gary has embraced the rock 'n roll life.

This was hands down the BEST time I've ever had a concert. The band was awesome and the show was just plain fun. They gave the people what they wanted and played I Melt With You three times, and then hung out afterwards signing autographs and taking pictures. If I wasn't a Modern English fan before, I am now!

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