Monday, September 26, 2011

It's a family affair

I really didn't want to have to drag David into my little table situation. We're not DIY people, but that's not for lack of interest on my part. In my dreams I'm laying flagstone patios and retiling the bathroom on the weekends. I'm the person who will fantasize about putting in a patio so I could sit out on it and drink my morning coffee, but in reality I'd never sit still long enough to actually relax on said imaginary patio, because mentally I'd be on to the next project. It's a moot point; these projects rarely happen because we have kids (i.e., no time), but it really didn't happen much before we had kids either because, frankly, in David's dreams he's relaxing and watching some football on the weekends. Which is definitely the more normal of the two dreams (and one that does not come true for David any more than tuckpointing the stairs on the front porch comes true for me). David works hard and then spends his free time coaching multiple soccer teams and running Jacob's Cub Scouts den, so I really try not to force my weirdo manual labor dreams on him.

Still, while I'd been working on this project mainly during the week, once I broke out the sander on Saturday, David wanted to help me. What a guy!

And then Jacob also wanted to help. Here he is using the Dremel rotary tool:

Once they saw Jacob doing this, the girls wanted a turn, so we instituted a "no power tools before age 9" rule on the fly.


Mom to 3 C's said...

So nice when the kids get to the age when their help is actually helpful!

Cathy said...

Gina, ain't it the truth!!!!