Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm still sanding (yeah, yeah, yeah)

Wow, and to think I went into this table project thinking this was a pretty basic pedestal table with clean, simple lines. Once I got deeper into sanding this thing, I found ridges, nooks and crannies that I never knew existed. And I've been dealing with sanding them, slowly but surely. Serious, how does Rococo furniture ever get refinished?!

Not by this girl, that's for sure.

After doing what I could with our little hand held belt sander, I finally broke out the Dremel rotary tool (as seen on TV) to help me get into the little nooks. Anything to avoid hand sanding. Much as I dread the prospect of hand sanding, I'm mechanically challenged /impatient when it comes to reading manuals/assembling things (generator victory notwithstanding) so my two-year old-esque attention span would not permit me to focus long enough to I couldn't really figure out how to attach the circular sanding disc that was probably best suited to my specific sanding needs, but I was able to get a drum sanding attachment on, as that was somehow more intuitive (i.e., did not require me to study the manual). I then proceeded to chew up the wood on the ridges in the table legs with the drum sander until I was able to steady my hand a bit. I'd stay steady for a while, chew up some more wood, steady up again, chew again, and so on. The stain is coming off, however, so I'm calling it a victory. I really hope that by the weekend I'll be in a position to start applying wood conditioner (don't be jealous now) and begin staining.

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