Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's official . . .

We have the world's most incompetent tooth fairy working our route. Somehow she forgot to take the tooth, leave the cash AGAIN on Saturday. I THINK that she may have tried to come earlier in the evening, but found Elizabeth thrashing around, so she decided to move on to the next toothless kid until she could be sure that Elizabeth was actually asleep. And then she apparently forgot to come back. In any event, Elizabeth was very disappointed and confused when she woke up and the tooth was still there, money was not. I told her that I was almost positive that what happened is that because she chose to keep her last two teeth, she must have inadvertently been placed on the permanent "Keeps Teeth" list, and that she needed to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy to clear things up.

Sorry, blogger is flipping the picture and I can't figure out why, and well it just seems plain silly to spend a whole lot of time trying to troubleshoot this given the already-ridiculous nature of this post. Anyway,the note said:

Dear Tooth Fairy, I only want to keep a couple of my teeth because I think they are pretty cool. I do have a question. Are teeth considered bones? I want to give you this one, and I do not hope for extra money. Love, Elizabeth (that's a row of teeth on the bottom)

I guess the note cleared things up, because the Tooth Fairy DID come the following night, and left Elizabeth a whopping $5 to boot (we've always been a dollar-per-tooth family). I think that the tooth fairy is going to have to start calendaring this on Outlook along with everything else, because she's got a lot more teeth to go before she's through with this house.

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