Sunday, March 4, 2012

Late to the party

Ever since I've had kids, I haven't really watched TV. Now, I find that frequently when people say "I don't watch TV" they intend it in a morally superior way, so let me clarify upfront that I actually mean that in the exact opposite way -- i.e., my act is so far from together that I just can't seem to figure out when shows are on, or on what channel -- or maybe I know that something is on "Fox," but I have no idea what channel Fox is on the television -- or what day it's on -- and for some reason figuring it all out just seems too overwhelming. So it's not like I'm eschewing television in favor of Chaucer and a cup of Earl Grey, no, I either fall asleep before 9 p.m., or I default to HGTV and its invariable prime time showing of House Hunters International. But as a pop culture enthusiast, Facebook account holder, and frequent reader of celebrity gossip publications, I am aware that certain shows are out there in the world that lots of normal people watch. Like Glee.

I kind of got the gist of Glee over the past few years from reading about it -- a band of high school misfits who break into song with alarming regularity -- and I figured I'd like it if I could ever figure out where/when it was on, since I kind of fit the profile of the kind of person who would like Glee. But ohmygosh. I had NO IDEA. I started streaming Glee through my Amazon account last Sunday, and I am proud to say that I've watched all twenty two 44 minute episodes of Season 1 in one week flat. Yes, it took focus, commitment and discipline, but I was up to the challenge. I switched my workouts from running to riding the stationary bike so that I could have more Glee time. I started watching Glee with my Kindle and headphones while putting Caroline to bed (which results in a lot of "Caroline, put your head on the pillow -- no Glee for you!") I watch Glee while getting ready in the morning and before bed at night. There are really no words for how much I love this show. If you watch it, you totally know what I mean. If you don't, I can't really explain its awesomeness to you. You just have to watch. But if Neil Patrick Harris singing "Daydream Believer" in a patchwork sweater and full-on 80s mullet sounds like your jam, then tune in. I still can't tell you what day or what channel it's on, but the old episodes are readily available from Amazon (and probably Netflix).

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