Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Which one does not belong?

Blue leotard, blue leotard, blue leotard, pink leotard, blue leotard, blue leotard.

Yup, mine's the pink. Mom fail. In the end it's going to be remembering all of these little details that kills me. And to think I'd tried so hard to get it all right. I knew Tuesdays would be brutal, with ballet for Elizabeth from 3:45-4:40, followed by soccer on the other end of town at 5, then soccer for Jacob at the OTHER other end of town at 7. So on Sunday I dug out the early July registration email about ballet from the 23,000 emails in my inbox and forwarded it to myself, so it was towards the top of my inbox. I scanned it to figure out the day of her class, the time, and the classroom. I packed the bag the night before with the full assortment of ballet gear and soccer gear. I even noted that her ballet shoes and leotard were probably too small and ran to the dance store after my morning dentist appointment to get new ones for her.

Yup, I was feeling PRETTY on the ball about things until a sea of blue leotards walked into the room where I was waiting with my pink leotard-ed girl for dance class to begin. This new ballet program is apparently a little more hardcore than the one she was in last year (we changed schools so she could take ballet with her friend) and has color-coded leotard guidlines by age group that the students/moms actually comply with (our old school had the same written guidelines, but the moms pretty much dressed the kids in whatever leotard they wanted).

Thanks to the power of Amazon Prime, a blue leotard was on the way within minutes of my realizing my egregious error. A happy ending! And we made it to soccer just 7 minutes late (albeit without her soccer ball, which had been packed that morning but somehow walked out of the bag). But oh, the possibilities for future Tuesday screwups are just endless - the question is not IF I will forget to pack something needed for Tuesday afternoon, it is: can my child perform the activity in question without the particular piece of gear that I forgot to bring? We'll find out . . .

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