Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Project 365 - Day 74

It seems that most photographers, both pros and hobbyists, eventually develop a preference for either zoom lenses or prime lenses. I'm more of a prime (i.e., fixed focal length) girl -- probably because at this point I can afford better quality prime lenses than I can zoom lenses, so primes give me the means to shoot both with a wide open aperture, and to shoot indoors without a flash (my 50mm opens to f/1.8, whereas my zooms won't open wider than f/3.5 when they are not zoomed, which make them pretty much a non-option for indoors, or in lower light conditions outdoors). My 35mm has stayed on my camera all winter long, of course for shooting indoors, but (perhaps because I'm lazy?) I've pretty much left it on when shooting outdoors as well. But my friend Heather is a zoom girl, and after having a little water cooler photography chat the other day, I decided to break out my zoom when playing with the kids outside the past few days. It's been fun! I still love my primes, but I need to remember to play with this baby a little more often!

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