Sunday, March 27, 2011

Project 365 - Day 85

We had friends over for dinner a few weeks ago, and our friends' 8 year old brought over his copy of the wii game Wipeout. The kids spent most of the evening playing Wipeout, which I had never heard of before that night. I later learned that the game is based on a popular reality show in which contestants vie for a $50,000 prize by facing an obstacle course full of challenges with names like Human Pinball, Shakalator, Slippery Swing Set and Trampoline Sweeper that all seem to involve a lot of getting whacked in the face with moving foam paddles.

One thing about Jacob: when he gets into something, he gets completely and 100% obsessed with it. There is no moderation. And now Jacob is into Wipeout. Without going too far into the details of what that entails, I will say that Jacob is now lobbying for a Wipeout-themed birthday party. He has drawn up a comprehensive list of possible backyard Wipeout obstacles and is working hard at convincing us of the feasibility of said obstacles. I love a good birthday party as much as the next person, and I really try hard to come up with parties that my kids will love, but it's pretty clear that the Wipeout party that Jacob has in mind would violate my "no rebar, no power tools" birthday party rule. Any party that requires a substantial infrastructure investment and an increase in our liability coverage is pretty much a no-go in my book. David thinks we just need to keep quiet and let this one die on the vine.

Anyway, the picture above is of Jacob working on one of his Wipeout obstacles.

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