Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Project 365 - Day 80

We have the world's most pitiful bulbs. While pretty beds of daffodils and tulips start blooming in all of our neighbors' yards, daffodil/tulip foliage sprouts up in our flowerbeds, but then fizzles out before they actually bloom. The kids have been monitoring the foliage for the past couple of weeks and were getting irritated that I couldn't magically make flowers appear from the stems (kind of like how they held David and I personally responsible for the fact that a huge cloud blocked the Supermoon the other night -- oh, if only we had the power over nature that they think we do!) Well, when we got home from school today, screams erupted from the backseat: "It's a tulip!! It's a TULIP!!" And sure enough, it was a tulip. I snapped a picture before it realized it was in the wrong yard.

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