Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project 365 - Day 78

We've had a great spring break and have done just about every fun thing that can be done without leaving town -- we hit the zoo, the science center, and the playground; we ran around with friends; enjoyed ice cream galore; broke out the sprinklers; went to the movies, went hiking and on picnics; went cruising around in search of the Supermoon; went to some caverns where we panned for gemstones, played miniature golf, climbed a rock wall, spun on spin-y things, navigated a maze to find a lost city, and bounced on inflatables. But you know what they say: all play and no work keeps the porch furniture covered with dirt (er, or something like that). The front porch rockers and planters had gotten uber-grimy, so David scrubbed them down with bleach yesterday. They did look better after the scrubbing, but still needed a little something something, so I decided to paint them. I figured I'd work with, rather than against, the kids' natural tendency to be right up in my face all the time (of course I wouldn't have it any other way!) and let them help me paint the chairs. I loaded their brushes and went behind them to catch drips, random brush stroke patterns, etc. It was a total mess, but they did a good job! The chairs look almost new -- and just in time for yellow pollen season!

P.S. Yes, I know that Jacob and his chair are completely blown out. He was in the sun, the girls were in the shade, and my eight, six and three year olds were let loose with exterior semi-gloss paint and my porch rockers - I was in a hurry. But that's the beauty of Project 365 and why I like it so much better than something like Project 52 (one photo a week) or something similar that at first blush sounds so much easier. With Project 365, I don't feel pressure for every photo to be good, and I post PLENTY of photos that are just downright bad, but happen to capture what we did that day. If only posting one photo a week, I'd feel pressure to make sure that photo was good. None of that pressure here!

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