Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dorothy v. Snow White throw down

Yesterday was the most exciting day of the pre-school school year -- yes, you know it, Character Day.

When I asked Caroline what character she wanted to be she originally (perhaps out of habit) said "a princess" and then, in true princess form, asked me to fetch her a few "comfortable" costumes for her consideration. I came downstairs with a non-itchy Snow White costume and a Dorothy costume. Now, I'm a firm believer in letting kids choose (within reason) what to be for costume occasions like Halloween, Character Day, etc. -- but Caroline has spent a not-insignificant portion of her 4.5 years dressed up like a princess even on normal days, so I admit that I tried to sweeten the Dorothy pot a bit when I showed her the costumes: "If you want to be Dorothy I will braid your hair and you can wear your red sparkly shoes and carry a puppy in a basket . . ."

I'm not sure if I had her at "braid" or "sparkly" or "puppy," but the three together were enough to dethrone the princess.

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