Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hey, that's not my sandwich!

When I picked up Elizabeth after school today, we had this conversation:

E: Mom, do you know what was the worst part of my day was?
C: No, what?
E: You sent me with your lunch by mistake.
C: Really? What was in your lunchbox?
E: A cream cheese and jelly sandwich, goldfish and strawberries.
C: Do you know what my lunch was? Broccoli slaw with garbanzo beans, gorgonzola, and grape tomatoes with balsamic and olive oil. The cream cheese and grape jelly sandwich was definitely meant for you.
E: Oh. But I don't really like cream cheese sandwiches.
C: Well, I was trying to mix things up so you don't get into a lunch rut. You eat cream cheese waffles. I didn't think that cream cheese and jelly on a roll was too far of a leap.

I used to make Elizabeth turkey and cheese sandwiches until I ate lunch with her a few times and realized she took off the turkey (which deeply offended my "don't waste food" sensibilities) so then I started just sending her with plain cheese sandwiches. I don't know WHAT prompted that wild and crazy cream cheese sandwich idea. Maybe I need more sleep. Maybe I've been inhaling too much blooming honeysuckle. Maybe our trip to New Orleans last weekend had me all inspired to think outside the culinary box. Whatever it was, my kids clearly want it to go away. So tomorrow, it's back to The Jacob (peanut butter sandwich) and The Elizabeth (cheese sandwich).

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Di said...

Gillian absolutely loves cream cheese and jelly sandwiches, so it sounds like a good idea to me. =) (but the jelly has to be blackberry for her)