Sunday, April 22, 2012

Somebody that i used to know

I wasn't so sure as recently as last week, but it turns out that there is hope for me in the 21st century yet. Because I find myself obsessed -- obsessed I tell you! -- with the current number one song on the Billboard top 100 chart:

The kids decided that they don't like the song, and they turned me in at dinner:

E: Dad, Mom keeps listening to this song OVER and OVER and OVER again. She played it the whole way to Publix and back yesterday.
J: And when she listens to it with headphones on, she sings it out loud, which is even worse.

I plead guilty to the charges. My defense was that this is only the best darn song that I have heard so far this century. I told them that I was so confident in the awesomeness of this song that I had a little proposition: we would play the song for Dad, and he would vote yay or nay and break the tie.

J: But it's already 3 against 1! There is no tie!

I said that I was viewing the kids collectively as one unit because they have not lived long enough to know a good song when they hear it. The kids then got all flustered about the mechanics of the competition and started talking about how the teams (Caroline by now had wisely defected to Team Gotye) needed to get on the opposite sides of the room to organize and strategize and possibly develop competing interpretive dances, with theirs nonverbally communicating their hatred of the song while it played -- so we had to settle them down before we could start.

D: Okay look. I can already tell you how this is going to go. The song will not be as good as Mom thinks it is, and it will not be as bad as you think it is. There is really no need to get all riled up about it. This is kind of like voting for Jerry Brown, it just doesn't . . .
C: Hahahahaha!!
J: Dad, please don't tell jokes like that. Elizabeth, Caroline and I do not understand them.

I tried to convince everyone that we really needed to play each song (both the original version and the dance mix) at least two or three times so that David could honestly evaluate them, but I was denied. So we played the each version once, and then held our breaths while waiting for David's decision.

D: Okay, this is easy. The dance version gives me a headache. But the original? That's a catchy little song with a lot of 80s retro elements. I like it.

{J & E groan}.

And the {amazing} Glee cover:

And another cool cover:

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