Saturday, April 21, 2012

i know that my heart will go on

I just {sniff} got back from Titanic. I saw the movie when it first came out, like everybody else in the world, and I knew I wanted to see it on the big screen again. Some of my impressions of the movie were the same as they were the first time around:

1. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet circa 1997 -- youth and beauty. Ain't nothing like 'em.

2. "Jack!" "Rose!" "Jack!" "Rose!" "Jack!" "Rose!" comprises much of the dialogue.

3. There is a whole lot of cheese in this movie, but I am able to forgive much of it because of #1.

Honestly, the whole thing was way more wrenching 15 years later. And there was one huge, giant issue that I missed the first time around that's now completely haunting me. My friend Andrea actually tipped me off to this when I was asking around to see if anyone wanted to go see it, and she said thanks but no thanks because she was so traumatized after the first time she saw it that she vowed never to see it again, and why oh WHY did they not both fit on that plank? And while I understood her general sense of being traumatized by the film, I didn't specifically remember the plank. And I don't know HOW I didn't remember the plank, because it wasn't a plank, it was more like a freaking garage door! Why didn't Leo just hop on it with Kate (and pull like ten other people out of the North Atlantic while he was at it)? It is inexplicable. In fact, I was so troubled by this that I turned to Professor Google for some answers, and began typing in my query: "why didn't jack get on th-" and lo and behold! This is apparently so common of an inquiry that google actually finished my search for me: "Why didn't Jack get on the door?" {so see, it's at least a door} and there are just pages devoted to this question, including one article called "15 Easily Avoidable Movie Deaths." Exactly. You didn't need to die Jack!

Since I love my husband I decided that I would not drag him to see Titanic with me twice during the course of our lifetime together, and I went with my SIL, my 14 year old niece and her friend (who sat far away from us, in true 14 year old fashion). You know how usually when you are saying your goodbyes with someone after a social outing it's kind of normal to say something like "well, bye! That was fun!" But you can't say that after seeing Titanic. So I settled on: "well, good night. That was emotionally draining in the best possible way."

Edited on 4/23 to add:

My friend Betsey emailed me to explain that Leo DID try to get on the door, but it started to sink down into the freezing water so he stops, knowing that he will die but that she will be saved. {SOBS} I hear that, but I still think that he should have tried harder. {SOBS}

And David asked me the next morning if the 3D fixed the dialogue. Bahahaha. And the answer to that question is no, not really.

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