Saturday, April 14, 2012

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

For years my workout wardrobe has consisted of old t-shirts and (usually mismatched) running shorts, but when I started taking hot yoga I actually went out and bought a couple of honest-to-goodness coordinated yoga outfits. One day I walked into the kitchen in one of these yoga tanks/pants ensembles and Caroline FREAKED OUT, as if she had just seen a multi-tiered sequined tulle pettiskirt or something, and started begging me to buy her her own "exercise clothes." So one day at Target I picked up a workout tank and matching shorts for her, and she loves to wear them around the house "like mom" (or maybe I should say, "like the version of mom that she would really rather see more of," because she has never shown any interest in imitating the paint-splattered-sweatpants-and-2010-Zoo-Run-shirt look that I most frequently sport).

While she was imitating me anyway, she went ahead and washed some dishes (it's a glamorous life).