Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Day of school

While it is pretty much mid-summer vacation in other parts of the country, today was the first day of school here. And that's okay, because the kids were really excited to start back. I knew it was time for school to start last week when Jacob, upon being informed that the day's activities included going to the pool, complained that he was sick of going to the pool. You're in luck, dude -- school's starting!

It was Jacob's first day of fourth grade, Elizabeth's first day of first grade, and Caroline's 278th day of three year old preschool, but she wanted in the pictures anyway, and really, who could resist her?


It's Jacob's first year in a new school, and we loooooove his old school/Elizabeth's current school, so I think the prospect of him starting 4th grade was even harder for me than when he started kindergarten. His teachers seem great, though, and he is more than ready for his new adventure, and was really happy when I picked him up today.


Elizabeth entered first grade nirvana yesterday when she met her teacher for the first time and saw her new classroom, including the class pets, Patches the Guinea Pig and Luigi the Frog. A guinea pig AND a frog AND an obviously fun teacher who handed out little bags of gummy bears with notes that read "We're going to have a BEAR-Y fun year?" Oh yeah. It's going to be a beary good year, indeed.


Caroline is actually wrapping up her year in the 3 year old preschool class and will be moving to the pre-K program in a few weeks. Gah! The class has been discussing the Wild West this week, so she's been rocking her new pink cowboy boots:

We are all really excited about another great school year!


Mom to 3 C's said...

Have a great school year everyone! (And good luck to you, Cathy... 3 different schools for drop off and pick up? You're gonna be busy!)

I love Caroline's new 'do and her cowboy boots... Carrigan has the same boots and I am hoping they'll still fit this Fall.

Pamela said...

Great pictures!!