Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Party goodies

We are celebrating Caroline's birthday this weekend, so we've been getting ready for the party this week. I swore I'd never make iced sugar cookies again after discovering a really incredible sugar cookie shop nearby, but for some bizarre reason (perhaps rooted in the same part of my brain that is responsible for my interest in taking up canning) the lure of mastering the iced sugar cookie is powerful for me -- it is my personal Everest, and I feel drawn to conquer it. My party confections sherpa, Amanda, who previously helped me make cake pops for the first time, is going to help me decorate them. I had another little helper rolling out the dough earlier today:

I tasted a cookie out of the oven, and they are extremely mediocre. I know I can make a good tasting sugar cookie, even if I didn't do it this time, but whether I can make a good looking sugar cookie is a huge wild card. If it's an epic fail, I can still make the 48 hour deadline to order from Icing on the Cookie!

1 comment:

Amanda said...

"extremely mediocre"??? You were not tasting the same cookies I ate.... I can't wait to see them at the party!!