Monday, August 22, 2011

why caroline had a princess party: an illustration

One of the activties we set up for the little girls at Caroline's princess party was "Belle's Beauty Shop," a spot where they could sit down, relax and get their faces painted or their nails done by one of our real princesses. We set up two little chairs and two big chairs so two little girls could get bedazzled simulataneously. Caroline had cycled through and gotten her face painted by Cinderella, and then had her nails done by Belle. At that point, it was really time for her to get up and go decorate cookies with Ariel. Got to keep the trains running on time, and other little girls were waiting to have their nails done. But girlfriend would not budge until her toes were painted as well, even though pedicures were not really a service provided by Belle's Beauty Shop. As you can see in this picture, that did not stop Caroline, who made herself comfortable as her fingernails dried and Belle painted her toes. Thankfully, she didn't ask for a paraffin wax -- that would have really held up the line.

Clearly, Minnie Mouse is not nearly enough of a diva for this child, so a princess party was probably most fitting this year after all.

Thanks to Heather for capturing this hilarious moment. I came home today with two thumb drives full of AMAZING pictures from Heather, and I'll be getting even more from Amanda tomorrow, and I really can't wait to post more party pics!

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