Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12 treats of Christmas, day 10: hot cocoa favors

I've officially given up on trying to get a picture that captures how cute these guys are, but I love these little hot chocolate favors sooooo much. I've seen them all over the web, but they are really way cuter in person. And they are just so useful! Stocking stuffers, party favors, treats for the class after reading The Polar Express, Valentines treats, treats when you are just walking out the door and realize that you have presents for the four main Sunday school teachers, but not their eight high school assistants -- I mean, the possibilities are endless! Just think about how many times in a day you think "geez, if only I had some little hot cocoa favors right now." Er, maybe that's just me. Moving on . . .

They could not be easier to assemble. I bought a big box of disposable decorating bags and a roll of red & white baker's twine (ribbon, jute twine, etc. would be equally cute depending on the occasion). I now have enough decorating bags and twine to last me through nine lifetimes of making hot cocoa favors. Wilton slapped their huge purple logo in the center of the bags, so I cut them off right below the logo and then filled the bags with 2 tablespoons hot cocoa and a heaping tablespoon each of chocolate chips, crushed candy canes and mini marshmallows. Tie off with the twine, and that's it -- much-cuter-in-real-life hot cocoa favors!

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